Alphabet – Jeux

Alphabet – games

1st game:

MATERIAL: big board (no need to be interactive), marker, erasor

KNOWLEDGE: the alphabet (lesson HERE)

DIFFERENCIATION: for lower ability pupils use easy words such as cognates (elephant, animal, chimpanzee, crocodile…), for higher ability pupils write a second word, more complicated with clues around the classroom for example or in their book.

The name of is game is Hangman, really easy and popular game in pupils’ language so why not playing it in TL! I will help reinforce their knowledge with the French alphabet. The teacher write the 1st letter and then lines instead of the other letters. And the students need to guess the words by giving (in the TL) letters to fill the gaps. But careful!! The have a limited number of choices. The teacher can choose to write down the letter already said or to make sure everyone is paying attention don’t write anything.

2nd game:


KNOWLEDGE : the alphabet (lesson HERE)

DIFFERENTIATION: choice of word given

Make pupils spell words out loud. Go with every lesson, any topic, for example as a starter.

3rd game:

to revise  the alphabet + names see this post

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